Port to javascript of Binary Ordered Compression for Unicode (BOCU)


An easy to use code timer for timing functions in your javascript project from the console and receiving tabulated results



Play, learn basic strategy, test card counting... Had to try this for myself after first learning of the MIT card counters long before they turned it into a movie.

BasicWord ( I'll eventually post this program)

Dictionary program for developing vocabulary with a vocabulary dictionary of hard words intended for students aiming to improve their college board tests.

MFE: Multi-File Editor (I'll eventually post this program)

File Browser and editor for making changes to html files or any group of files en masse, as well as providing views of most audio and visual file types (mp3, wav, mid,... bmp, jpg, gif, wmf,... wmv, avi, mpeg,...). Generate basic HTML that links to a selection of files. HTML to text converter. Deleted file recovery.


Visual Basic code examples